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Moisture and leaks are one of the leading causes of problems that can occur in homes. In addition, it usually goes undetected until it’s too late or there is major damage. Problems that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye can all be easily detected with thermal imaging inspection. Thermal Imaging inspection for building and facilities maintenance can tell you a lot about a building’s structural elements, plumbing installations, HVAC and electrical systems. Air leakage, moisture accumulation, blockages and leaks in pipes, structural features behind walls and overheating electrical circuits can all be detected and documented with infrared thermal imaging cameras.

By scanning surfaces with infrared thermal inspection cameras, you can quickly locate issues behind the scenes that influence the energy-efficiency, safety, and health of your structure, the contents, and those living / working in it. Thermal imaging inspection will make sure all pipes, plumbing, insulation and barriers are in order. By pinpointing potential sources of problems, repair only what needs to be fixed, rather than performing repairs regardless of actual need.

Thermal imaging inspection can usually detect various issues like:

  • Heat Loss Areas
  • Termite or pest damage
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Window Leaks
  • Missing insulation
  • Water Damage
  • And much more.

Whether you need us to find a leak, water intrusion, roof leaks or building structure failures, Pearl Inspection’s Thermal Imaging Inspection get the job done.


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